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LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR

LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR is intended to be a friendly and enriching competition for participants. With this in mind,  the 12 finalists can count on a solid team of mentors that will accompany them through their preparation for the grand finale. 


Made up of fashion experts, long-time friends of LUXE Paris, this team of mentors KNOWS what the house is looking for in its ambassador.


With this team, beginners and fashion professionals will find all the support and tools to surpass themselves. It is the finalist who will make the most of this mentorship who will win the prestigious LOOK of the YEAR  title and the impressive prize pool that comes with it!

Those who do not have the chance to stand on the podium will not leave empty-handed because the LOOK of the YEAR adventure will have left them with lasting memories of fashion pleasures, surpassing oneself and friendship.


In our photo, from left to right, Lali Arbizu and Ponchituti Boucher from One On One Agency, two super models and instructors, the stylist Hyaecinte (certified in RL) , Communications Director at LUXE Paris, Hunipet Delicioso, our wonderful 1st runner-up who kindly agreed to take over from Jade and pass the torch to the next LOOK of the YEAR, the designer Avalon Chrome from LUXE Paris and the top model and boss of In-Nova Academy, Naar Absinthe, two of our fabulous former LOOK of the YEAR, as well as Mika Palmyra and Parisian Skytower, owners and chief creators of LUXE Paris.

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