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IIts a go! The LOOK of the YEAR jury selected the first group of six semi-finalists. Well done to Girasolmx, Jenni Eros, Jude Tatham, Keira Rhapsody, Laycie Pearl and WyattFrost who are now in the race to obtain the prestigious LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR title and the incredible L$50,000 cash prize that comes with it!


44 applications were submitted for this first challenge dedicated to Jade Pono, our wonderful LOOK of the YEAR 2022 taken away by cancer.




Your photo is not there? It's not over! There will be four more selections of six semi-finalists in the coming weeks.


This week, we invite participants to create a LUXE Paris look for the famous fashion event producer Ponchituti Boucher, or for her partner, if the candidate is male.




Extraordinary style icon, Ponchituti Boucher has been shining on Second Life fashion industry for almost fifteen years and always was an immense inspiration for LUXE Paris.


Also a modeling instructor, Ponchituti has discovered so many runway stars that she is nicknamed The Mother of All Models!


You don't know her very well? You will discover her tastes and preferences in her inspirational text on our website.


Next week will be dedicated to the jeweler Zuri Rayna, then it will be the tribute week to Coco Chanel and the week dedicated to the legendary Frolic Mills.


Do not see the icons as limits but rather as flames to ignite your imagination. We definitely don't want carbon copies! Let your creativity run wild. Charm us! Surprise us!




LUXE Paris is looking for an ambassador, an elegant and original person, with charisma. Could be a woman or a man. Could be a professional or a beginner, this has already been seen. The organization offers tailored mentoring to the 12 finalists.


Do you have what it takes? Send your photo FULL PERM to the avatar LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR in world. The deadline to submit your photo for the Tribute to Ponchituti is Thursday June 27 at midnight. Each participant receives a free LUXE Paris ensemble upon reception of the first photo. Stop procrastinating! Beyond the competition, a unique fashion adventure is within your reach!


The 2024 LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition is carried out in collaboration with One On One Agency, Zuri Jewelry, In-Nova Academy, The SL Enquirer, SL Confidencial, Swank Events, the Womenstuff and Menstuff groups, the Latin Quarter, ProPose Professional Poses, Hyacinth Poses & Design, Hayabusa Design and SL4Live-TV.

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Show us how you style!

For its 9th edition, the LOOK of the YEAR competition will pay tribute to five fashion icons of who have particularly inspired LUXE Paris over the course of our 12 years of existence. Participants will have to draw inspiration from these stylish icons to create a LUXE Paris outfit that meets their vision of fashion, and snap a picture to send us. Yes! Oui! Si! It is that easy! 


LUXE Paris Legendary Friends

















Three of these icons are passed away but they definitely left their mark in the fashion world, in Second Life or in reality: Frolic Mills, famous editor-producer-designer-model and so many other things, sadly deceased last winter, Jade Pono, our very dear LOOK of the YEAR 2022 who left SL in March 2023 to fight cancer and never came back...  and Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, the one who revolutionized fashion by freeing women from their corsets!


Our two other icons are still alive and kicking and shaping our virtual fashion world. They also greatly inspired LUXE Paris: Ponchituti Boucher, top model, co-owner of One On One Agency, nicknamed "The Mother of all Models" because she discovered so many stars of the runway, and Zuri Rayna, designer of the jewelry that bears her name, accomplished

businesswoman and ardent supporter of SL designers.


Each of the 5 weeks of the first step of the contest will be dedicated to one of these icons and participants will have to create a LUXE Paris outfit for this particular star.


You don't know them very well? Don't worry. Our muses are told in very evocative texts, here in the ICONS section of our website and in the Special Edition LOOK of the YEAR 2024 of LUXE Paris Magazine available at our main store on Bao/56/72/26 in Second Life.


Each of our fashion icons has its text and it is in the light of these "Inspiration Texts" that our jury will evaluate the applications.

NEW this year













Another big news this year, men can participate! Regardless of the gender of the icons you choose to interpret, the inspirational texts offer the possibility of presenting a feminine or masculine version and our LOOK of the YEAR 2024 can be both, a woman or a man. LUXE Paris creates a wide range of clothing for everyone.


What we are looking for:


We are definitely not looking for carbon copies of our fashion icons but rather women and men who have been able to create a very LUXE Paris look while freely drawing inspiration from one of our icons.  The fashion icon should not be a limit but just a bucket of ideas to invent a remarkable look, a pretext to create a stylish LUXE Paris image.


In brief, we are looking for ambassadors who know how to fill an order with intuition, elegance and originality!


The first week of the competition will be dedicated to Jade Pono, this exquisite Japanese lady who represented LUXE Paris so brilliantly (see "Inspiration Text" in ICONS section). Photos of your LUXE Paris outfits inspired by Jade must be sent FULL PERM to the LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR avatar by June 20th at midnight. You must include your legacy name and that of the icon that inspired you in the title of your photos. Misidentified photos will be disqualified.


On June 22th, the jury will choose the six best applications of the week, that is to say the participants who have best interpreted Jade's inspirational text. These semi-finalists will be revealed on June 26th on our website and in the SL Enquirer. The photos of the semi-finalists will also be featured in the Spanish magazine SL Confidencial.


The second week will be devoted to Ponchituti Boucher, the third to Zuri Rayna, the fourth to Coco Chanel and the last to Frolic Mills. We will then have 30 semi-finalists selected by the jury. You will find the detailed chronology of the contest in the SCHEDULE section of our website.

FREE LUXE Paris ensemble

















All participants will receive a free LUXE Paris outfit upon receipt of their 1st photo! You can submit your application for one, few or all our icons and you can present up to 3 photos for each of our icons as long as they show different LUXE Paris outfits. The more you participate, the more likely you are to be noticed by our jury.


This competition is open to fashion professionals as well as simple fashionistas, the evaluation by the jury being strictly based on the quality and originality of the styling presented. The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR organization will offer free modelling training and mentoring to the finalists, for beginners and professionals.


When we will have 30 semi-finalists (6 per week/icon), the jury will re-evaluate all the 30 photos in the race to choose 12 grand finalists. Once again, remember that the judges will be interested in the quality of  interpretation of the "Inspiration Text" that accompanies each of our fashion icons. There will be no points allocated for physical resemblance with the icon or exact copy of the images we present to you for inspiration.


Once you have fully grasped the fashion soul of your icon, let your imagination run wild. We are looking for an ambassador for LUXE Paris, a woman or a man who evokes our brand with elegance, charisma and innovation. Surprise us!

















The twelve finalists, who will be revealed on July 31th on our website and in the SL Enquirer, will win L$84,000 in prizes. The winners of the title LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR will receive L$ 50,000 cash while the two runners up will win L$10,000 cash each. The trio will also share almost L$100,000 in gifts from our sponsors. All the details in the PRIZES section.


On September 8th, for the grand finale, each finalist will have to interpret the style of one of our icons but this time "live" on stage. The selection of the icon awarded to each finalist will be made by drawing lots.


Have you never walked on a fashion catwalk? Do not worry! In-Nova Academy will offer an intensive modeling course to our finalists and an impressive team of mentors led by One On One Agency will support the finalists throughout their preparation for the finale.




Send your picture to the avatar




Are you passionate about fashion? So what are you waiting for? This competition is for you! It's a ''feel good'' competition in a friendly context for all those who love fashion. Immerse yourself in the text of your icon and let your creativity flow. 

Who knows? Your Second Life may be changed forever...


The 2024 edition of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR is carried out in collaboration with One On One Productions, Zuri Jewelry, In-Nova Modelling Academy, SL Confidencial magazine, The SL Enquirer news site, Swank Events, Women & Menstuff, Hayabusa Design, ProPose, the Latin Quarter, Hyacinth Poses & Designs and SL4Live - TV.

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